Nonprofits Aspire to Embrace Social Media

Waikiki Community Center

Eric Batalon, director of development at the Aloha Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, tells Pacific Business News: “Most nonprofits don’t have the resources to do social media. They’re lucky if they even have a marketing department. It’s hard to find someone to do it all well, because it’s time consuming and you have to stay on top of it 24/7.”

Caroline Hayashi, executive director of the Waikiki Community Center, explains how it took a young board member to consolidate their seven different Facebook pages into one. And she notes that the WCC tried its hand at crowdfunding with Indiegogo.

“It allows you to educate people about what you do through videos and photos — our community board members liked it because it they didn’t necessarily have to explain everything, they could just send a link,” she tells PBN. “Indiegogo was a real departure for the organization, but we’re trying to bring ourselves into the 21st century.”

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Hawaii nonprofits embrace use of social media — if they have the resources

Ryan Ozawa

Ryan Kawailani Ozawa has immersed himself in new technologies and online communities since the days before the web. From running a dial-up BBS in the early '90s to exploring today’s dynamic world of "Web 2.0" and social media, he has long embraced and evangelized the ways in which technology can bring people together.