Looking Back at Abercrombie’s Win

Wayne Interviews Neenz | Photo by Burt Lum

Social media played a role in Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s successful run for the state’s top office, as previously covered here at Wayne Yoshioka of Hawaii Public Radio caught up with Abercrombie’s social media director, L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine, at a recent Envision Hawaii presentation to look back at the election.

“In the four months leading up to the primary election, I shared 2,800 links on Twitter, which is insane, isn’t it?” Faleafine said. “And received over 100,000 clickthroughs.”

She said she developed a social media policy, strategy, and a message, something that Abercrombie’s opponents failed to do.

“We all understood what the message was, no matter if you were a signwaver to a policy advisor to someone that just came to a fundriser. Everybody knew that the governor’s message was, ‘A New Day in Hawaii.'”

The piece also talks about credibility, how to engage in a conversation, and how to be “A.L.I.V.E.” in social media. Listen to Yoshioka’s piece or download it as a MP3 here. Audio files are available online only for a limited time.

Photo courtesy Burt Lum.

Ryan Ozawa

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