YouTube Star Alex Farnham

Alex Farnham

Perhaps following in the footsteps of Ryan Higa, a 23-year-old aspiring actor from the Big Island has found a huge following on YouTube. Alex Farnham‘s parodies and other comedy segments have also caught the attention of the celebrities he’s lampooned, and Hollywood talent hunters. KITV has the story.

Hawaii Performer Becomes YouTube Sensation

The 23-year-old choreographs, edits and produces nearly all the elements in his videos. He is an aspiring actor whose roots are planted in Hawaii… That kind of dedication is finally paying off. After struggling to pay the bills early on, Farnham is making his way to Hollywood, signing a contract with a group called The Station.

His most-viewed video is this send up of the “Jack Sparrow” character from “Pirates of the Carribean,” which got over 2.6 million views:

Another parody music video mixing Justin Bieber with Sean Kingston has over 2.2 million views.

Farnham’s YouTube channel is “DamItsGood808,” though he also maintains a second, more personal channel called “AlexFarnhamTV.” He’s also on Twitter at @damitsgood808.

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