Screenfuse Set to Showcase Social Streams

Screenfuse ScreenshotKakaako incubator hatches Screenfuse service

A local group of entrepreneurs and developers yesterday unveiled Screenfuse, an interactive social media display for businesses and special events.

The web-based service creates an attractive, live-updating screen that can show real-time social media activity connected to a store, restaurant, hotel, concert, or conference.

Screenfuse was developed in under a month by Hawaii-based web developer Evan Nagle, digital designer John Garcia, and L.A.-based entrepreneur Mike Prasad. The startup was incubated at The Greenhouse Innovation Hub in Kakaako.

“By leveraging social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, Screenfuse activates on-site audiences to increase customer sharing and brand engagement,” Garcia explains.

Screenfuse displays are fully customizable, and powered by an intelligent filtering and network platform that ensures fresh, dynamic, and appropriate content. With a Screenfuse display, businesses can build their digital footprint, and learn more about their customers.


Ryan Ozawa

Ryan Kawailani Ozawa has immersed himself in new technologies and online communities since the days before the web. From running a dial-up BBS in the early '90s to exploring today’s dynamic world of "Web 2.0" and social media, he has long embraced and evangelized the ways in which technology can bring people together.