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OnlyMeWorld Launches Facebook Alternative


A local entrepreneur and white collar and cyber crime consultant has launched OnlyMeWorld, a social network that he says will provide “the new standard in social networking in 2012.”

In a press release, founder Carlson S. Yamamoto Jr. writes:

OnlyMeWorld offers a social networking platform similar in function to Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter, yet differs in its approach to privacy rights, anonymity, and protection from cyber crime. At OnlyMeWorld, people are able to participate with absolute privacy and anonymity. OnlyMeWorld requires no real names or email addresses. It uses no web tracking, no facial recognition software, and no data mining.

Describing social networking services like Facebook and Google+ as “open-door gold mines for cyber criminals,” Yamamoto says the solution is to eliminate the requirements to use real names or to provide email addresses.

“At OnlyMeWorld, people are able to participate with absolute privacy and anonymity — It uses no web tracking, no facial recognition software, and no data mining,” the release explains. “With a real name, email address, and date of birth, a cyber criminal can seriously damage your personal and financial life.”

OnlyMeWorld LLC was registered in February, and the site launched in April. It’s running on the Dolphin community management system, a free, open-source PHP software package used for social networking, community, and dating sites. Features include both personal and business profiles, groups, the ability to upload videos or link YouTube videos, event listings, blogs, and classifieds.

The Dolphin system does not list facial recognition among its features. OnlyMeWorld does have Google Analytics installed, though its certainly not the level of tracking that got Facebook into trouble.

The registration form for OnlyMeWorld does not require a name or email address, but it does require a city, ZIP code, country, and a full birthdate — one of the datapoints described as risky. The site also notes that no one under the age of 16 is eligible to join, and those aged 16 through 18 are told to get parental consent.

You can follow OnlyMeWorld on Twitter at @onlymeworld1. A YouTube channel includes promotional videos:

A Kailua High graduate, Yamamoto’s previous entrepreneurial effort included Global Distribution Solutions, an affiliate of the LifeVantage dietary supplement company.

Ryan Ozawa

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