Hawaii Designer Finalist in Audi Twitter Contest

Audi Commercial Capture

As part of its multimillion dollar “Luxury Has Progressed” campaign, launched during the Super Bowl, Audi kicked off a Twitter contest. The company asked, “What does progress mean to you?” And out of hundreds of submissions, Audi has selected “the ten very best tweets” and named ten finalists.

One of them is Hawaii digital designer John Garcia.

Garcia’s winning response to Audi’s prompt was:

#ProgressIs remaining timeless in design, pure in performance, genuine in quality while innovating for the future.

He was notified yesterday that he was a finalist, moving on to Round 2.

Audi Twitter Finalists

Now Garcia must develop a Twitter campaign around a photo and a hashtag that must be seen and retweeted across Twitter. The campaign with the most views will be the next round winner. And he has to think fast: the contest starts at midnight on Monday, Feb. 14 (Valentine’s Day!), and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 18.

He’s brainstorming, drafting a blog post and press release, and starting to rally the local social media crowd for support. He says he’s “up against social media heavy hitters,” but is confident he and Hawaii can come out on top. If so, he could win $25,000 for charity… and some pretty snazzy prizes.

How did he learn about the Audi campaign? How did it feel to be selected? And how does he plan to win the next round? I posted an interview with Garcia at Hawaii Blog.

Ryan Ozawa

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