[Re]Think: Hawaii Returns

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The [Re]Think: Hawaii conference is returning Oct. 18-20, as part of the Geeks On A Plane series. The “retreat for geeky entrepreneurs” was announced today by organizer Christine Lu, who also noted that Shuchi Rana (@autkast) of San Francisco would be “director/chair/curator/whatever” of the event.

[Re]Think: Hawaii is an exclusive event with space for only 30 participants. Invitations will go out beginning this Friday, Sept. 10, and people are encouraged to request an invite as soon as possible. No word on cost yet, but last year’s event was priced at $1,299 for the whole program or $295 per day, with special discounts for non-profits.

This year’s three-day gathering will coincide with the Hawaii International Film Festival and its “Interactive’ track, and will close with “Alegria,” a Cirque de Soleil show opening in Honolulu that week. Among the notable guests expected are Larry Namer (@lnamer), co-founder of the E! Entertainment Network, and Robert Michael Murray (@rmmdc), VP of social media at National Geographic.

The conference is summarized as follows:

At its core, the three days is about connecting entrepreneurs via a series of shared experiences and an aloha style exchange of ideas and relationship building in Hawaii… At [Re]Think: Hawaii 2010, a group of great people will be retreating from their day to day environment and spend a few days connecting, sharing, learning and developing relationships in Honolulu.

Notably, Hawaii is more a venue than a topic for [Re]Think: Hawaii. Last year, local blogger Gee Why attended and asked, “Where’s the Hawaii in [Re]Think: Hawaii?” Christine clarified:

This conference wasn’t about focusing on Hawaii, it was really about bringing a group of people together for a shared experience in Hawaii — but in doing so, we ended up connecting with people living in Hawaii and that made it all the more awesome.

Of course, what’s on the program is often of secondary value to what happens between sessions or over dinner, anyway. So [Re]Think: Hawaii is a compelling event for anyone looking to connect with the specific mix of geeks and entrepreneurs that the Geeks On A Plane travel series regularly draws.

Ryan Ozawa

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